Capenhurst to M6 Smart Motorways Project

The Capenhurst team took to this challenge with great enthusiasm and enjoyed every minute.

So far in this challenge their team have raised the largest donation for The Kier Foundation, over £1800.

As part of the bear devil challenge, the team decided to go to the Crocky trail in Chester.

The Crocky Trail is an adventure course which consists of plank walking over streams, rope walking and lots of slides! Dressed for the part in their Kier Foundation t-shirts, the team worked together to ensure everyone, including the bear made it through the course. The team ended a great day, with lots of smiles and a fair amount of mud.

After their team building adventure they enjoyed a relaxing moment on their homemade boat and continued on cycle to deliver the bear to the M6 Smart motorways project.

Our Kier mascot Kieran made a special visit to the team to help with collecting donations.

Handing over to the Carillion Kier Joint Venture team on the M6 Smartmotorways project.

The team also organised a charity football match. The mixed teams were made up of members from both Kier and their on-site subcontractors. Each payer paid to play and a good time was had by all.