Bristol to Cardiff

The package 18 parapets team were responsible for the delivery of our mascot bear from our main site compound situated in Chipping Sodbury to the Kier office in St Mellons, Cardiff.

As a team, they chose 48 mile route which took in country lanes from Chipping Sodbury to the 1st Severn Bridge crossing and then the coastal path around Newport and eventually onto St Mellons in Cardiff.

Each leg was undertaken in pairs, and even our client Network Rail even joined in the fun.

They completed the journey all in 8 hours, excellent effort team!

Mile 1 to 5: Dean Williams / Andrew Gurd (NWR client) – Cycling (30 minutes)

Mile 5 to 15: Adrian Fox/ Norman Buck – Walking (3 hrs)

Mile 15 to 29.6: Neville Cambray/ Andrea Etheridge – Cycling (2 hrs)

Mile 29.6 to 39: Dean Williams/ Kerry Morgan - Running (1.5 hrs)

Mile 39 to 49: Harrison Barrett/ Jane Holehouse – Cycling (1 hrs)