Hawthorne House, Exeter

Hawthorn House received the bear from the Hinkley Point team, who had cycled the bear down to Exeter.

Our team brainstormed ideas, culminating in a decision to take advantage of local landmarks and businesses to bring attention to the cause and give us some interesting photo opportunities. This resulted in trips to Heart FM, the Met Office and Dartmoor National Park.

The team also thought an inter-office ‘bake off’ would be a good way to raise additional money and get more Kier people involved locally.

In the spirit of collaboration, we wanted to involve any local offices/depots who weren’t directly on the Bears route. We agreed a regional relay between members of Hawthorn House Office and our Hatherleigh Office to enable to Bear to travel its near 100 mile route to St Austell in Cornwall. Once we had our photos Nathaniel Taylor, Jacob Rundle and John Gill embarked on a 35 mile cycle ride from the Exeter office to the Hatherleigh office.

The cycle ride would have probably been quite pleasant for someone of moderate fitness; sadly none of our cycling team fit this description. Never the less, the bear was successfully delivered to Hatherleigh. Once Nathaniel, Jacob and John finished their journey they handed over to Gavin Grimsey and Warren Bursen, who then cycled the bear from Hatherleigh to St Austell, some 60 miles.

The photo below shows Gavin and Warren handing over the bear to the team at St Austell, Cornwall.