Bear Basics for BIM

As part of our business wide roll-out, this year the challenge team have used BIMXtra as a project data management tool to help administrate the campaign.

The team will be making the most of BIMXtra’s functionality to manage the collection and tracking of data throughout the 2016 campaign in an effort to beat the 2014 total amount raised of £32k.

Clearbox and Kier have worked together to produce a scope brief.

Scope Brief
To use the functionality of the BIMXtra software product to manage the collection and tracking of data on Kier Infrastructure's “Where’s the Bear 2016” charity fundraising project.

The aim of the project is for our mascot panda bear to be transported around the country to 32 different Kier Infrastructure and Utilities projects by non-conventional transport only, and by doing so raise money and awareness for the charity.

Software Scope Overview
From discussions between Clearbox and Kier, it has been decided to use the BIMXtra product for the following tasks:

  • Document management for storing the challenge team’s documentation, including fundraising packs
  • Insight Viewer for interactive map of Kier sites
  • Sponsorship forms linked to project sites
  • Photo diary logging of activities
  • Planned vs Actual programme tracking of the bear 
  • 24Hour update of live bear location 
  • Schedules to track the amount of sponsorship money raised. 

Document Management for storing the project team’s documentation
As BIMXtra is a secure cloud based portal it will be used to share and store documentation relating to the project which it not for public access.

Key Functionality to be used:

  • Ensure all project documentation is securely stored and located in one, easily accessible location. 
  • Upload documents to share internally or share within a site team and have the ability to publish these ready for handover or publishing to our social media channels
  • Fully traceable audit trail of issued, commented, moved or approved documents 
  • Integration of the DMS with BIMXtra allows information such as project schedules with sponsorship amounts collected to be found with ease in either environment to suit the project team users. 

Insight Viewer for interactive map 
Using the Insight Viewer to create an interactive 3D UK overview map with the 2D detailed maps linked to each Kier Project site pins. This is to be accessible via both Mobile Windows Tablets and desktop PCs for our site teams.

View our initial video clip

Sponsorship forms linked to project sites
Using the form designer product, forms will be created for collecting information relating to individuals sponsoring their part of the journey, which will be logged against each site and store in the BIMXtra database.

Photo diary logging of activities 
Using form functionality to record what the Bear has been up to with each of the site teams transporting the bear from site to site. Photos will be uploaded and be stored on the BIMXtra Cloud site for access by the challenge team for publishing on our blog and social media channels.

Planned vs Actual programme tracking
Using the programme dates of when the bear is planned to be at site, the BIMXtra system can be used to create interactive 4D Simulations in the Insight Viewer. This then leads onto tracking live progress against the planned schedule.

24 Hour updates
Clearbox & Kier CAD operators can update the location of the bear within the native CAD Models and then push the updated versions to BIMXtra revising location into the interactive Insight viewer.

It can also offer an up-to-date total of the money raised by that site.

Possible scope increase from Software development
Below is a list of items to investigate for additional scope of integration with other technology.

  • Live GPS tracking of bear location from the windows tablet or from GPS dongle data transmitted to BIMXtra and displaying it on the 2D Map functionality in BIMXtra 
  • 3D scanning of bear at site for handover records and storing the 3D scan on BIMXtra. Could use Google Tango device.