Oxford to Bristol

Racing forward on our journey we join the Oxford team who made an special effort to travel with our mascot, as the Oxford project neared completion.

Peter Austin is part of the challenge team, he is part of the technical team who have set-up and managed the use of BIM on this project.

 Accepting the bear challenge head on a team from the Oxford project led by Ollie McMorran with contributions from Peter Austin, Tim Ridgers, Eddie Fell and Mark Austin broke the challenge into 3 legs complete with digital handover and photographs.

A gorgeous day to travel through the gorgeous countryside.

Leg 1: Tim and his trusty Vespa started the day early and arrived at the change over point around 8am. Peter being the techie was using the bear’s own tracker to see a real time update of his location. The tracker showed he was so close, but nowhere to be see…until he turned the corner.

Leg 2: After a handover of the bear to Ollie and Eddie, they undertook a plucky 10 mile run in a storming time of an hour and 15 minutes. At the end of the leg, the contrast between Eddie and Ollie’s athletic ability was blindingly apparent – Eddie somehow not even slightly out of breath and looking like he had just emerged from a spa day whereas Ollie was struggling to complete sentences and looked like he needed medical attention. They then handed the bear over to team Austin just north of Swindon for leg 3 of the challenge.

Leg 3: In a change of pace, Mark and Peter headed on a cycling detour to visit the Cotswold water park. En route they stopped at the Swindon and Cricklade railway ( many thanks to the volunteers there for giving a great wlecome) for a briefing on the railway. They then headed through the beautiful town of Marmsbury before heading through the Cotswold National park on route to Old Sodbury to meet the next team.

Dean, Adrian, Norman, Eunice and Andrea gave a welcome that was greatly appreciated.