The Castlepoint team took up the challenge with vigor.

The team welcomed the bear from the previous team outside of M&S at the Castlepoint shopping centre encouraging members of the public to choose a name for the bear, the prize was Kier’s stunt double (Kier Fu Bear). They also asked for donations for The Kier Foundation.

With posters and with the help of Kier safety cadet Kieran they worked for 5 hours on a very warm day.

Accepting the Bear Devils challenge, the team whose a mix of transport to get the bear on his way. Starting with paddle boarding, then playing golf, long boarding, flying under a drone, riding on a dog and rafting with a lot of girls. He was going to go horse riding but the horse did not like the look of him, then the finale to get him to the Burghfield site (nearly 80 miles) he rode pillion on a bike with Richard, Dan and Trevor.

A lot of his adventures were captured on photos and videos and finally put into a short videos of his journey.

Click to watch the video