The first handover

By an outstanding effort and much enthusiasm from our Mining team at Greenburn, the bear has now arrived safe and sound at Sellafield. He left Greenburn covering his eyes and holding on tight to Eric, on the back of his Harley Davidson, as the wind swept through his fur!

The journey continued through Gretna. Here he ‘married’ up with Claire, Willy and Ian, staying on two wheels and for a spot of cycling. The bear was thrilled with the breath-taking views on his breezy adventure when passing by the Lake District National Park.


Claire and the bear made it to Sellafield with a smile on her face, handing over to the delighted and welcoming Sellafield team. Martin Hughes, the Construction Manager had the following positive words: “May I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Claire’s team of cyclists for taking part and delivering the bear safely and in a timely manner. Good luck to our team also wish the best of luck to all the follow on teams”.