Cheadle to Loughborough

The Kier Bear arrived safely at the Cheadle Depot, he was very weary after travelling from Sandbach and a tad moist from the Canal Cruise, he did however arrive in style on a London Red Bus.

Tuesday saw our Where’s the Bear Team arrive at Cheadle bright and early all set for the mammoth 60+ mile bike ride to Loughborough.

The first leg saw Fitter Jonathan Cooke strap the bear securely to the front of the bike so he wouldn’t fall off and would get a lovely scenic ride to his next destination, off they headed to the first change over point in Rocester where they were met by Chris Andrew & Paul Bainbridge.

Chris set off from Rocester on leg 2 and delivered bear to Paul at Scropton Riding Centre, he was then whisked off by Paul to meet up with Engineers Gary Mountford & Spencer Abbott at The Dragon pub in Willington before setting off on their last leg to Loughborough.

Tired, hungry, thirst & weary (and that was just the poor bear!)..........all arrived at the Loughborough Depot for light refreshments, a quick catch up and a more relaxing drive back home.

Well done Team Cheadle